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Subject: ~~BIG SCREEN
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zipil 29.11.08 - 06:57pm
hDgGAHA2h0XBJKSCT77F.gif *

zipil 29.11.08 - 07:30pm
James Bond's Quantum Of Solace was the international No 1 movie for the fourth week in a row. Its now the highest earning movie outside the US this year. Among 007 films it only trails Casino Royale.

Taxi Driver and Raging Bull writer Paul Schrader is defecting from Hollywood to write and direct for Bollywood in Mumbai. Hollywood he said had become ''a barren, barren place.''

Leonardo DiCaprio is delighted that his tabloid lure has started to dwindle. ''The mere fact that these, I.ll use the word piles, are earning money from exploiting my image is the only reason I hide myself or am not a photo friendly person.'' he said.

It's not even in Britain yet, but the cast of horror movie Twilight have already signed up for a sequel - well the ones that survive have.

Hugh Jackman has promised not to drag the life out of the latest Marvel comic-book film. Wolverine is out on May 1st, the X-Men star is conscious not to outstay his welcome. ''I'm not going to flog a dead hors *

zipil 29.11.08 - 08:04pm
Director Clint Eastwood has created something that feels so emotionally true is a tribute to him and a cast of a very rare brilliance.
We're in a suburb of LA, and its March 1928. Christine is a telephone supervisor on rollerskates. A pair of blood red lips announce Angelina Jolie as Christine, lipstick is very 20's, but on Jolie it also looks like a marker of trouble.
Alone she has raised son Walter 9, until the day he disappears. The police are worse than useless. Then a boy is returned to her, the police insist its her son, but she knows its not.
When she refuses to bend to th police, she is placed into a mental hospital.
Running parallel to Collins tragedy is the story of paedophile serial killer Gordon Northcott.
With a stealth unusual i modern directors, Eastwood merges the two narratives through the testimony of various boys who escaped Northcott's ranch, and one decent, alert detective. *

zipil 29.11.08 - 08:12pm
Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins *

zipil 29.11.08 - 08:36pm
He proved he could do subtle comedy in Meet The Parents, but here Robert De Niro's willing to clown it up as Ben, an ageing A-list schmoozing movie producer.
A top-drawer cast joins him - Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, playing themselves, John Turturro and Robin Wright-Penn.
The film cover 2 weeks in Ben's life as he juggles the demands of Hollywood egos, ex-wives, teen daughters, all washed down with espresso and Red Bull.
It opens with a sleek ensemble of Hollywood muscle at the preview of Fiercely, Ben's latest project, starring Sean Penn.
But when the preview audience expresses disgust at the film's ending, Ben's in no doubt he's in big doo doo.
As his future becomes more uncertain he attempts damage control while clinging to the comfort of his past, the ex-wife he still loves, even the old sofa that needs recovering.
The film is based on the memoirs of Art Linson, the real life producer of Heat, Fight Club and This Boys Life. *

zipil 30.11.08 - 09:15am

Sir Michael Caine has revealed what happened in The Italian Job after the coach was left hanging over a cliff.
At the movie's climax, Charlie Croker says ''Hang on a minute lads. I've got a great idea.''And now explaining his character's plan, Sir Michael said, ''In the coach I crawl up, switch on the engine. . .until the petrol runs out, the van then bounces back up so we can all get out, but then the gold goes over.'' *

zipil 30.11.08 - 09:48am
Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn play a pair of unwed lovebirds who've dodged spending Christmas with their clans for years by taking foreign holidays.
But this year a thick San Francisco fog puts paid to their plans. Then a TV crew films them live at the airport so their folks know they're not abroad.
They have no choice but to pay festive visits to their four families, four because of remarriages both sides.
Well you can imagine. Vaughn's Brad, has a pair of psychotic brothers, and Witherspoon's Kate gets to beat up loads of brats in a bouncy castle.
Director Seth Gordon's debut feature is a mutant meringue of a movie, wit the sugar icing oddly squashed beneath the bitter lemon filling curdling on top. The result being, an unpleasant goo thats neither sweet nor sour. *

zipil 9.12.08 - 09:01pm

Director Christopher Nolan says he has started making notes and outlines for his possible third Batman movie, after the success of The Dark Knight.
But he admits trilogies rarely work satisfactorily. ''I don.t know why they're hard to do. Maybe there's so much expectation to them.
We understand how ready fans were to reboot the franchise, it would be a pity to mess it up.''

The Day The Earth Stood Still actor Keanu Reeves will star in 47 Ronin.
It's an eric period film based on the true tale of a band of samurai swordsmen who avenged the death of their master in 18th century Japan.
He will play one of the swordsmen. The group and their master are revered in Japan for their revenge attack on December 14th 1702. The film will mix fantasy and battle scenes.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are in negotiations to star in an untitled bounty hunter project.
300 star Butler, last seen in Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla and Nim's Island, will next be in the thriller Game and the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.
Aniston has recently completed four new films, He's Just Not That Into You, Travelling and Management, with Marley And Me out soon.

Hollywood star Jim Carrey broke a rib on the set of new movie Yes Man, after falling over during a scene with co-star Molly Sims.
She said ''A scene called for us to b*mp into each other, and he just went for it and crashed around and broke a rib for real.
The insides of my mouth were raw from biting my cheeks to stay in character, and not to laugh out load.'' *

zipil 3.01.09 - 05:28am
This is a film in which Kate Winslet persuades any doubters of her extraordinary gift.
She plays 36 yr old severe uptight, German woman Hanna whose act of kindness to a 15 yr old boy leads to a passionate affair.
She nurses a terrible secret and one lodged in Germany's history.
Equalling her need for love and intimacy, Hanna craves to be read to, and her reader is her boy lover Michael Berg.
Before s*x he reads her The Odyssey, Huckleberry Finn, Lady Chatterley's lover and other works.
As he reads her face transforms from drawn tension to dreamy rapture, as if nightmares are shooed away.
Hanna and Michael represent old and new Germany, one infected by sm, the other trying to come to terms with the nation's criminal past.
When years later, as a law student, Michael attends Hanna's trial for war crimes, he is devastated.
Winslet ages credibly over 3 decades, Ralph Fiennes adequately plays out his part as the adult Michael.
A serious, reflective film, with much subtlety at its heart. *

zipil 26.01.09 - 11:06pm
Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell
has been named as the lead in The Adventure of Tintin:
Secret Of The Unicorn, to be directed by Steven Spielberg.
The 22 year old will play the iconic young reporter alongside Defiance star Daniel Craig who has been named as the pirate Red Rackham.
Earlier this month, British duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were confirmed to play detectives Thompson and Thomson. *

zipil 26.01.09 - 11:07pm
Anne Hathaway plays ex-model Kym who's out of rehab to attend her sister Rachel's wedding at their family home.
Kym does nothing right. She smokes in the house, she falls over chairs, she was the cause of a family tragedy, she's a whole flock of black sheep stampeding towards the next disaster.
That of course is the point. In spite of her awfulness she's embraced once again by her family and friends.
Peace however is fragile. Just below the surface holds, resentments and unresolved issues are festering nicely, ready to erupt at any time.
Between moments of planning and partying, we see another side of sweet Rachel, hungary both for her fathers attention and flight from the family.
In all, it all seems a little forced, emotions regimented by therapy speak and too much political correctness.
Hell can be other people's families! *

grndhog 24.02.09 - 03:36pm
I thought the Thompson Twins were identical. Pegg and Frost dont look anything like each other. Simon would be better with Martin Freeman. *

zipil 4.03.09 - 10:07am
Or we could have Nick Frost with Chris Moyles!!!! Lol *

239275 16.06.09 - 07:19pm
this is the best news and views mothod to communicate. *

239275 24.06.09 - 05:40pm
well the matter i read carefully and found very interesting.. muneer *

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