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Subject: ~~MADONNA
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zipil 15.10.08 - 08:28pm
Pop star Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are to divorce after 8 years of marriage, their spokeswoman has confirmed.
In a statement given to the associated Press news agency, she said the pair had not agreed a settlement and asked for their privacy to be respected.
Film director Ritchie, 40 and 50 year old Madonna married 7 years ago at a lavish ceremony in Scotland.
The official confirmation of the divorce follows intense media interest after reports today of an imminent announcement.
And as recently as July, Madonna's publicist denied the pair were planning to divorce, saying their marriage did not ''need saving.''
The pair also put on a show of unity at last month's London premiere of Guys RocknRolla, posing for photographs.
But rumours in the press said their relationship was increasingly under strain with escalating rows which led then to communicate via as*istants.
This morning it was reported that Madonna wanted to wait until the end of her Sticky And Sweet tour before announcing the split.
But the date had been bought forward with both parties wanting a divorce finalised before Christmas, its claimed.
Guy has broken off from filming in France to fly home and tell his parents, he will move out of the couples London home and into their Wiltshire mansion. *

zipil 17.10.08 - 06:21am
Two top female lawyers could in head to head over Madonna and Guy's divorce.
The pop superstar will be represented by Fiona Shackleton who acted for Paul McCartney. *

zipil 18.10.08 - 06:49pm
Guy Ritchie's father has branded his daughter-in-law ''beastly'' after she appeared to call her husband an ''emotional '' at a gig.
79 year old John Ritchie waded into the couple's divorce battle after the singer made comments on her Sticky and Sweet tour in Boston.
Mr Ritchie said ''She's calling him that name when he's being bashed by her. It's horrid.'' *

grndhog 19.10.08 - 09:09am
Cant believe they actually asked for their privacy to be respected. When they had a film or alb*m or tour to promote they were quite happy to talk about their private life and pretend their marriage was ok. *

kev.08 22.10.08 - 07:32am
Well when they get divorced il claim madanna for myself lol.GIF but guy ritchie can blood do 1 *

ripil 30.10.08 - 12:38am
isn't anyone suprised she aint sticking with someone. he should of done some research and watched a few of her earlier videos! not that her recent ones are of her knittin like she should now be doing... *

zaney17 30.10.08 - 09:03pm
she don.t look 50! But its her children feel sorry 4 *

zipil 4.11.08 - 08:24pm
Guy Ritchie has hired top lawyer in his dispute with Madonna over where their two children should live.
Madonna made London her home, during her marriage to Guy, is believed to want to return to the US.
Guy has hired Stephen Cobb, QC, is regarded as a top barrister in such cases. *

zipil 17.12.08 - 08:53pm
Madonna and Guy have issued a joint statement insisting they are both happy with their divorce agreement.
The pair have said that a misleading and inaccurate statement, specifically relating to the stop of money involved, was wrongly issued this week.
They said ''The financial details of the settlement will remain private, save to say that both of us are happy with our agreement.
The statement added ''Our primary concern, like any co-parent is the care and well being of our children.''

grndhog 2.01.09 - 06:58pm
They can hardly complain about misleading and inaccurate statements. Kidding on that there marriage was ok for years cos its all good publicity, playing happy families in the trashy celeb rags (no offence Zoe).

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