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Subject: ~~JADE GOODY
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beecass 31.08.08 - 01:22pm
Why oh why did the docs give jade the sad news live on big brothr? Whats gne wrong wit people? Publicity,greed.there was no need 2 show it.i wnt read anytn about her again,bt i do pray she gts betr. *

grndhog 31.08.08 - 01:35pm
Just because someone has cancer doesnt mean that their past behaviour should be forgiven and forgotten. I hope Jade recovers from her illness but I hope she doesnt use public sympathy to relaunch a career that should've died long before she walked into that house with Shilpa Shetty.

beecass 31.08.08 - 01:43pm
I agree grndhog,.lets hope she will learn frm her mistakes,and get better,and b a gud mum 2 her kids. *

zipil 31.08.08 - 08:33pm
hated her in big brother the first time. Could only just bear her wen she wud pop up on tv for various different reasons, and then big brother again, hated her, and thats putting that stupid Shetty arguement aside! As for her mother! I can't even discuss her! *

beecass 1.09.08 - 12:45am
Then why,if people dnt like her,is she in evry glossy mag? Hope FEAT wil be a better mag than that! Hope all in south america survive d hurricane..thats real stuff..jade wil b ok. *

galvamp 8.09.08 - 12:55pm
1 stupid remark does not make her a racist nor should it mean we demonise her!Nobody is perfect and we have all said nasty things in the heat of an arguement.I hope she recovers quickly. *

zipil 14.09.08 - 06:33pm
Jade's cancer has spread further than expected, its been reported.
FJMNBLXSCfgFS2I3G6u1.jpg Doctors discovered the devastating news during the eight hour operation to remove her womb.
Surgeons carrying out the stars hysterectomy found the cancer had reached ''stage three'', a term used to describe it has moved beyond the womb.
The cancer was discovered in a ligament behind her uterus during the operation, when doctors thought it was contained in her womb.
Before the discovery, the TV star was given 95 per cent chance of a full recovery, now the odds have dropped to better than 50 per cent.
Jade will have a nine week course of chemo and radiotherapy to kill the remaining cancer. *

zipil 2.01.09 - 07:51pm
Jade is having an emergency operation in her battle against cancer.
The star needs surgery to repair a blocked kidney.
Jade, 27, has been starring in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as the wicked witch, but panto bosses have been told not to expect her back to complete the show's run, which ends in four weeks. *

grndhog 2.01.09 - 08:03pm
Isnt it ironic that its all happening just as the show that caused her downfall is about to start again. *

zipil 13.01.09 - 02:18am
Cancer stricken Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweed is being given early release from prison.
It means he will be around to help the mum of 2, who has just lost all of her hair in her fight against cancer.
Jade's battle with cervical cancer had just started last September when Jack got 18 monthsen attacking a teenager with a golf club. *

zipil 2.02.09 - 08:50pm
Jade was back in hospital last night after her chemotherapy caused her to collapse again.
Jade is said to be in ''excruciating pain'' after her latest bout of chemo, in her fight against cervical cancer.
She was initially taken to London's Royal Marsden Hospital after falling ill at home in Upshire, Ess*x, on Friday.
Mum of 2 then discharged herself on Sa ay but was violently ill after returning home and re-admitted herself.
''She collapsed av the end of the week and had to go back into hospital. She's a fighter, but the treatment has just taken everything out of her and she's been in excruciating pain.'' *

zipil 5.02.09 - 09:44am
Jade has been told that her cancer had spread.
Doctors told Jade, that tumours had been found in her liver, bowel and groin. She has been fighting cervical cancer since August.
''I am devastated. I am frightened. I don't want to die. The reality is I have gone from a 40 per cent chance of a cure to seeing how long I can stay alive.'' *

elginmum 20.02.09 - 10:36am
I feel so sad 4 jade,bobby+freddy,her mum,jack+al her family+friends. It upsets me evrytme u read abt it or hear it on the news. My thoughts r with al ov u x x *

grndhog 24.02.09 - 03:12pm
Given the cir tances, I think if you've nothing good to say on the situation, it's best to say nothing at all. Therefore I have nothing to say about the whole ridiculous manipulated, money grabbing farce. *

jaym1e 13.12.09 - 07:28am
RIP Jade *

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