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Subject: ~~TV MATTERS
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zipil 17.07.08 - 11:35am
NH0bTqxlPxAZC9iL8G9R.jpg *

zipil 17.07.08 - 11:54am
Is joining forces with a German cop show for a 2part special.
Sun Hill's regulars will work with the cast of SOKO Leipzig in the episodes to be filmed in London and Leipzig.
Regulars such as Dale Smith will investigate the kidnapping of a German girl while on holiday in London. ITV and channel ZDF will make their own versions.
It's hoped the collaboration could lead to the creation of am entirely new series.
The special will air in November as part of The Bill's 25th anniversary. *

zipil 17.07.08 - 12:09pm
The BBC are pioneering a live round-the-clock project to explore the lives of big cats and other African wildlife in Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve.
Big Cat Live, a one week tv show, will be fronted by newsreader Kate Silverton, and wildlife specialists Simon King and Jonathan Scott.
The project will go out this autumn. *

1noobguy 17.07.08 - 06:34pm
Does ne1 know when series 3 of heroes will b coming over 2 the uk? Not happy wiv them 4 halving series 2 compared wiv 1! lol *

zipil 20.07.08 - 06:54pm
1noobguy i have some info 4 ya. The first address has info on Heroes, but also has a chat site, which as i can tell doesn't seem to be run by anyone who know's a thing about it! Its a good read and i'll give u the link just so u can check it out
wot i did discover from this site is, its airing in the states from 15th sept. From the 2nd i'll give u is apparently the BBC wil be airing it in the uk at the same time.
Hope that helps *

zipil 21.07.08 - 11:22am
Channel 4 is to broadcast a documentary about an American man who gave birth.
Thomas Beatie was born a female, but had a s*x change, was inseminated using sperm from an unknown donor.
A camera crew followed the 34 yr old throughout the pregnancy, and then for the birth of his daughter in Oregon. *

zipil 29.07.08 - 07:57am
Richard Arnold is such a pillock *

zipil 30.08.08 - 08:49pm
Kate Garraway and Kate Silverton have emerged as the favourites to replace Fiona Phillips on gmtv.
Phillips will leave the breakfast show at Christmas after 12 years.

grndhog 31.08.08 - 12:48pm
Never heard so many people say Thank god shes going since Thatcher in 1990. Penny Smith got a raw deal from GMTV but she aint married to a TV bigwig like Fiona. I liked both Kates but have gone off both lately. I say give Penny a chance. She may be a bit past her sell by date but I would. lmao *

beecass 31.08.08 - 01:17pm
I watchd OPRAH,a few wks ago,the guy who had the baby was on,wit his partner.he was such a lovely person.i hope they hav a gud life as a family. *

zipil 31.08.08 - 01:20pm
noo.GIFnoo.GIFnoo.GIF not Penny Smith, she is well annoying! Kate G is the presenter 4 me! So happy Feefee Phillips is off! *

zipil 31.08.08 - 08:26pm
Does anyone here watch The Hills on MTV? If so do u feel the same was i do, i really want Lauren and Brodie to '' Hook Up'' Wish Heidi and Spencer wud pi*s off! *

zipil 24.09.08 - 08:23pm
Myleene Klass is joining fashion guru Gok Wan to host a TV beauty contest with a difference. It's about being beautiful in the buff.
Miss Naked Beauty, to be broadcast in a prime time slot from mid October, aims to be a radical departure from the pageant of old. *

grndhog 26.09.08 - 10:25pm
And I thought Myleen was already over exposed on British TV. One day we'll switch on and she'll be on every channel simultaneously. *

zipil 28.09.08 - 03:56pm
Yes he's back! For those who loved the Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio is back, in Ugly Betty!7HYPP85HUoNbIlFezw6S.jpg *

grndhog 3.10.08 - 10:02am
Bet he still looks about 14. So is he in the programme Ugly Betty or is he actually in Betty? Lol. Wonder if he plays her beautician? Wax on. Riiip wax off *

zipil 23.10.08 - 11:22am
Time to sharpen your knives and get your ingredients in as Gordon Ramsey helps viewers to rustle up a three course meal in an hour.
Channel 4's Cookalog Live is back for a seven part series on Friday, following the success of the one off show shown in January seen by 5 million.
Each week a celeb will pop in to help out, and its rumoured that Victoria Beckham will make appearance. *

zipil 26.11.08 - 10:22am
Ben Shephard has been confirmed as the new host of the revitalised Krypton Factor on ITV1.
Shephard will bring the show back so prime time audiences in January, nearly 14 years after it last appeared in the schedules. *

zipil 2.01.09 - 07:43pm
The actor who will replace David Tennant as Doctor Who is going to be announced tomorrow, the BBC says.
The new Doctor - the 11th of the series - will be revealed in Doctor Who Confidential on BBC1 at 5.35pm.
The BBC said that in the TV special ''the actor playing the new Doctor will be giving his or her initial reaction'' to getting one of the most coveted roles in television. *

grndhog 2.01.09 - 08:17pm
Saw a bit of the Krypton Factor last night and Ben has the personality of a shepherds pie. *

grndhog 2.01.09 - 08:21pm
Wow. Wonder who the new Doctor will be? One things for sure, someone on Teletext will say, 'I said that' because ever since David Tennant became the Doctor they have mentioned just about every living actor as his replacement. Hope its a Dalek lol.

zipil 3.01.09 - 08:54pm
Matt Smith has been named as the surprise choice to succeed David Tennant and become the 11th Doctor.
The 26 year old will become the youngest ever to take on the role.
Smith has previously appeared in BBC political drama Party Animals, as well as treading the boards in the Alan Bennett play the History Boys. *

grndhog 3.01.09 - 09:46pm
wtf.GIF Doctor Who? *

zipil 27.01.09 - 07:20pm
The Red Dwarf crew will return to Earth this Easter, 21 years since the science fiction series first blasted off.
Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Craig Charles as Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten.
The two part series Red Dwarf: Back To Earth, will kick start a Red Dwarf weekend on TV channel Dave.
It will be followed by Red Dwarf: Unplugged, a ''no holds barred'' episode with no sets, no effects and no autocue.
The weekend will climax with Red Dwarf: The Making Of Back To Earth, a behind the scenes special from the new production.
Dave will reveal news snippets from the production at Red Dwarf is Dave's biggest commission to date. *

flutta8y 28.01.09 - 05:22pm
o kewl a luv that tv show *

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