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zipil 11.07.08 - 05:22pm

dayomi 25.07.08 - 08:30pm
Hellooow all members and how the weather look like in ur area? Here it has been so cold coz of the great rain fall these day in africa most expecialy west africa (Nigeria) *

zipil 26.07.08 - 12:03am
Oooh its bin sunny here, which makes a change 4 england normally rains lol *

dayomi 26.07.08 - 05:33am
As at yesterday the temperature is about 05 degree coz is 2 cold hun ,here u av to ramp ur self wit a very big blanket at night *

zipil 27.07.08 - 09:41pm
The last thing i need tonight is a blanket lol. Far too hot *

dayomi 27.07.08 - 10:03pm
Hun i should hav send the blanket to u but the network is very very bad *

zipil 4.09.08 - 09:14am
how many of you have downloaded items from this site? *

zipil 5.09.08 - 07:24am
morning fellow members *

zipil 5.09.08 - 10:31pm
my day in clipart: zzz.GIFsleepy.GIF in_shower.GIF baby.GIF coffee.GIF eating.GIF baby.GIF zonda.GIF work.GIF coffee.GIF whip.GIF work.GIF eating.GIF whip.GIF work.GIF bike_rider.GIF kiss.GIF baby.GIF eating.GIF baby.GIF talkshow.GIF bath.GIF music3.GIF drunk.GIF munching.GIF cheerleader.GIF kiss.GIF sleepy.GIF zzz.GIF *

shaylie 6.09.08 - 12:57am
pmpl.GIF all i did today was clean up toys in between shivering lol its so cold x yup ive downloaded files from ere, few funny vids x *

zipil 6.09.08 - 02:45am
oh thats cool, i.ll c if i can get some more of those altho they r hard to find. Infact it was Ripil who uploaded those! *

zaney17 30.10.08 - 09:17pm
hello. I've only just joined this group and i want to say its great! I love it. Cheers 4 lettin me in Zipil x x x *

zipil 2.12.08 - 06:39am
Why not join my other group. Its alot of fun! 9YkCZZYbe54rrzUQQ0fj.gif
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runestar 31.08.10 - 12:20am
crazy3.GIF checked some stuff. not bad. *

laraine 8.02.11 - 05:26am
Good morning ppl *

warded 1.11.17 - 05:48pm
Good evening. *

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