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zipil 10.07.08 - 04:18pm
reading.GIFAmys' neighbours are trying to get her kicked out of her north London home.
girl3.GIFThe 24 year old only just moved into her luxury 700 grand flat 4 months ago, but there have already been complaints about non-stop parties and brawling!
Locals have now been advised to compile video evidence to prove their case. *

mainman2 10.07.08 - 06:09pm
She shud be locked up for her own safety x n i dont like her anyway x lol *

c0nt3ntd 11.07.08 - 02:09am
Crack ho wiv a little bit of talent when she can be a*sed. *

grndhog 11.07.08 - 10:11pm
She dances like shes been standing in the ladies queue for ages. Alma Cogan she aint. *

mrtwonk 11.07.08 - 10:59pm
I thort any winehouse was a trannie lol.GIF should be named amy werewolf with awl that hair lmao.GIF im quite sure if she let her hair down she wud luk like captain caveman pmpl.GIF *

grndhog 11.07.08 - 11:03pm
Or Amy Whinehound lol *

zipil 11.07.08 - 11:24pm
Pmpl! She keeps her vodka and crack in that flee infested beehive hair of hers. *

mrtwonk 12.07.08 - 07:12pm
(Whisger) Ive heard on the grapeyvine that if u wana chat with amy winehouse that u only need a limited vocabulary with her for example is sit,walkies n fetch pmpl.GIF *

mrtwonk 12.07.08 - 07:14pm
Whisper.GIF i meant lol *

c0nt3ntd 13.07.08 - 02:42am
I heard someone in the pub tonight comparing her favourably with nina simone and bessie smith... Ffs! Its a good job i'm now a non violent person because i'd have loved to have tw*tted them good and proper. Idiots! *

zipil 13.07.08 - 04:50am
reading.GIFAmy Wineo put her troubles behind her to thrill her irish fans at an open-air festival near Dublin.
The soul singer put in a classic act to delight thousands of fans at the festival. One fan, out of 80,000 said, she was brilliant, great atmosphere, she's a real star. *

zipil 13.07.08 - 05:12am
reading.GIFThe singer Xw2DPjVF1d9VTrbpXyS4.jpgcould suffer a slow and painful death from lung disease emphysema, her father has said.
Mitch Winehouse told Sky News she has a small emphysema in the top of one of her lungs, but it could become alot more serious.
Her father also said, he wanted people to understand - even if they gave her one cigarette, they're causing her harm, he also added that the singer would stop performing for the forseeable future. *

zipil 14.07.08 - 05:09am
reading.GIF Winehouse dedicated a song to her jailed husband, Blake, during her performance on the final day of Scottish festival T in the park.
This is for my husband. He gets out in a week you know said the singer, who drew both applause and jeers during her 50 minute set.
Her husband is awaiting sentence for GBH and perverting the course of justice. *

grndhog 17.07.08 - 10:47pm
Wow. What did she look like with that fake tan? Still it covered up her track marks a treat. *

zipil 23.07.08 - 09:23pm
reading.GIF A waxwork of the singer has been unveiled by her parents, at Madame Tussauds in London.
The model of the singer word the same outfit that her real liked inspiration wore to the 2007 Brit Awards, a thigh skimming mini dress and high heels.
Amy's dad said his daughter would see the waxwork next week, and will be 'blown away' *

grndhog 26.07.08 - 01:58pm
Too blood right she will. It looks a d*mn sight prettier and healthier than she ever will. *

zipil 29.07.08 - 10:42pm
Amy has been discharged from hospital after emergency treatment for a reaction to her medication.
The singer was ushered out of hospital via a private exit and was in good spirits after a 'comfortable night'. *

shaylie 5.08.08 - 01:00am
I thought the picture of amys parents standing proudly either side of the waxwork was a bit creepy, their daughter is a right mess, when have they ever been in a picture with her? Her dad remarked on the waxwork that it was quieter than the real thing well, yeah, it would be, wouldnt it.... *

zipil 12.08.08 - 08:06pm
Amy is taking revenge on Bond bosses by releasing her and Mark Ronson's theme for the latest film.
The star says she might release the as-yet-unnamed song at the same time as Alicia Keys and Jack White's track, the official theme for the new Bond movie.
Amy said 'when I do release mine, and I am tempted to it on the same day, this will be the bigger hit.' *

grndhog 24.08.08 - 02:16pm
If she'd put that much effort into the original she would'nt have been sacked in the first place. *

mrtwonk 30.08.08 - 07:20pm
She need to put more effort into that birds nest on her head first n invest in a new mask lol *

zipil 30.08.08 - 08:20pm
reading.GIFAmy is facing legal action after pulling out of a concert in Paris hours before she was due to headline it.
The troubled singer didn't travel to France for the Rock En Seine festival after taking ill at her house last night.
But organisers claim they weren't given a reason for the no-show and have decided to start legal proceedings.
A statement posted on the festival website read 'We were told at 8pm that she would not be there. We still have not been given any exact reasons for her absence.'
A spokesman for Amy said 'Amy is at home recovering. Her illness is nothing serious, nothing that some time in bed and no singing can cure.' *

grndhog 31.08.08 - 12:59pm
So the organisers hired a drug addicted singer to perform at their festival and now theyre shocked that she wasnt well enough to attend? Too bad. Im sure Celine Dione wouldve turned up but she's not on smack, she just needs a good one. lmao *

beecass 31.08.08 - 01:26pm
Amy shud get outa d limelight ,go away,get sortd,and then c*m bk.who wantsta c sum1 try 2 croak a song ,hardly able 2 stand Yes,yes,yes. *

zipil 31.08.08 - 08:42pm
lol bee yes.GIFyes.GIFyes.GIF! They neva search her hair don't they no her drug dealer lives in there! *

zipil 7.09.08 - 07:23am
Amy has ordered 48 bottles of Jack Daniels for this weekends Bestival event.
A Bestival source has said ''Organisers have heard Miss Winehouse ordered in an extremely large amount of Jack Daniels, a ridiculous amount she and her team could not possibly consume during their short stay.''
Amy is set to headline the Isle of White gig. *

grndhog 7.09.08 - 01:08pm
Of course its too much to drink but it gets headlines and there's a moronic minority who will be impressed thats she's a super cool, hard drinking rock chic. *

zipil 25.11.08 - 07:07pm
Amy Winehouse was last night admitted to hospital after ''a bad reaction'' to medication, according to her spokesman.
This contradicts reports the singer collapsed after a drink and drugs binge following a row with her husband.
Husband Blake, in rehab after his early release from prison yesterday failed to get a cut in is 27 month sentence for assault and perverting justice. *

zipil 30.11.08 - 07:48pm
Amy's husband Blake has said he is ending their marriage for the sake of her welfare.
Blake, currently being as part of his early jail release conditions, has accepted the blame for her drug addiction.
He said ''I dragged Amy into it and without me there is no doubt that she would never have gone down that road.
Now I have to let her go to save her. I am doing this out of love, I just want to pick her up and help her, but I can't, because I'm the man that caused it all.
It scares me to death that I can't fix Amy. But for her recovery I have to leave her alone.'' He said he would not fight for a share of her fortune. *

grndhog 2.01.09 - 08:11pm
Whatever happened to, 'for my Blake incarcerated'? *

zipil 1.02.09 - 09:06pm
Burglars have stolen guitars and music recording equipment in a raid on Amy Winehouse's flat, police confirmed.
Amy was on holiday in St. Lucia when the incident took place at her North London home.
The singer's spokesman said Amy was ''disappointed'' by the loss but ''relieved'' that she had her favourite guitar with her, whilst on holiday.
Police were called to the flat following reports of two men forcing their way into the property in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Officers arrived to find the front door had been kicked in and property taken.
A spokesman for the Met Police said that ''a number'' of the stolen items had been recovered. He said ''The premises were secured and are now being examined.'' *

grndhog 24.02.09 - 03:15pm
I wonder how they knew she was outa town? *

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